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1. Input Methods: AC 100-240V / DC 12V-100W /Solar
2. Battery Capacity: 48V-12Ah (1000Wh) - Power a 45W Laptop for 43 hours!
3. Output: AC 100V-240V /50-60Hz 500Watt Max, 
                DC 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V 5A Max, 
                USB 5V 3A Max
4. Size: 33*20*7.8cm (L*W*H)
5. Charging Time: 3-4H

6. Color: Silver

7. Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave
8. Working Temperature: -20 - 60 Celsius
9. Conversion Ratio: 88%, higher than the others
10. Weight :5KG 
NOTE: The Solar panels is NOT included!!

Product overview Video Download FAQ

iRun Power Box is equipped with unique intelligent CPU management and advanced lithium-ion battery management.

It provides multi-function outputs which meet the power demand of all the portable devices, providing stable power, enabling us to cope with the sudden demand for electricity easily.

The Ultimate Portable Power Supply for travelling, outdoor emergency, resource survey, film shooting, telecommunication, outdoor detection, solar station, digital devices and PC etc.

For big volume order, please contact us for better offer.

1. ARM Chip enables human-machine interface operation, display and setting function.
2. Multi-Outputs: AC 100-240V /DC 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V-5A Max, USB 5V 3A Max
3. Multi-Charge Modes: AC Charging, Solar Charging, Car Adapter Charging.
4. The sole portable UPS Power Supply that adopts DSP Chip, permitting dual DC output, AC charging, inverter output and fault warning.
5. No charging adapter needed. Charged by AC Cord directly.
6. Adopts new Panasonic 2900PF Lithium-ion batteries. 88% Conversion Rate, the highest rate in the market!
7. Portable Functional UPS Power Supply with the Lightest, Slimmest and Largest Capacity under the same size.

Package Content:
1 x iRun Power Box X1-600
1 x AC Charge Cord
1 x Car Charge Cord
2 x 5.5*2.5mm DC Cord
8 x Converter DC Tips
1 x Solar Charge Port (not with solar panel)
1 x Product Instruction